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California Senate Bill 553*

As of January 1, 2024, the State of California now requires most employers to take steps in the prevention and response to workplace violence and threats. We can help your business satisfy part of your SB 553 requirements.

The following are five things California employers must do to comply with SB 553.

We can assist companies in developing customized prevention policies and procedures within their work area with annual training including active shooter/assailant preparedness and response, first aid, and casualty care.

*Senate Bill 553 applies to California employers only; however, it's undoubtedly going to serve as the baseline standard for many states to follow.

Our Services Include, But Are Not Limted To:

Private or Residential:

Bungalows, Mobile Homes, Cottages, Single Story or Multi-level residences, Mansions.

"Defend your castle." Private in-home lecture, scenarios, and training.

Home Invasion Preparedness, Active Assailant Preparedness, Home Defense Considerations, First Aid, and Casualty Care.


Office Buildings (Low, Mid, or High-Rise Buildings), Retail Stores, Hotels, Warehouses, Aerospace, Defense, Power Plants, Breweries, Refineries, Showrooms, Distribution Centers, Manufacturing Facilities, and Data Centers.


Educational facilities, Schools, Religious Facilities (Places of worship) Churches, Hospital, Medical Facilities, City Halls, Civic Centers, Stadiums, Library, Historical Facilities

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