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Ken Hoon,


Ken started his law enforcement career in mid-2006 when he attended a Southern California Law Enforcement Sworn Academy. After completion, he was assigned to a correctional facility in mid-Riverside County. Shortly after, he was assigned to patrol operations in mid-Riverside County. He was selected to attend the SWAT Academy and finished first in his class. Ken subsequently spent just under seven years on the SWAT team and received multiple tactical and instructor certifications, as well as multiple commendations. While on the team, Ken was cross-sworn working with the United States Marshal's Service tracking wanted fugitives across California. In mid-2016, Ken was reassigned to work on the gang enforcement unit where he served as the primary investigator on multiple high-profile cases and numerous search warrants. In 2021, Ken was promoted to Sergeant where he has worked assignments including patrol operations, Special Enforcement Team, and Gangs. In 2023, he was promoted to Lieutenant.

Ken has a lengthy career teaching law enforcement professionals throughout California and looks forward to helping you stay safe.

Hillary Hoon,


In 1999, Hillary Hoon started a career in banking, working as a teller and then Lead Supervisor at a branch in San Diego. During seven years in the banking industry, she experienced two incidents that really hit home. On a day she was assigned to assist a nearby short-staffed branch, her home branch was robbed by three male adults brandishing firearms. Thankfully, no one was injured. But in the aftermath, Hillary was haunted by guilt and curiosity about what she could have done to help. Seeing the fear in her colleagues' eyes showed her the damage fear can cause.

Several months later, it was Hillary's turn to be robbed. This time, the suspect walked up and placed a note in front of her with a blank stare on his face. Hillary was upset and felt helpless because she had always been taught to hand over whatever the robber requested. But, that was not what she wanted to do. As the robber exited the bank, Hillary pursued him, getting valuable, detailed information about the vehicle he was driving, and which way he fled. The authorities caught him right before he escaped to Mexico. Hillary realized that day that she was not meant to work in that type of environment - she was meant to join the Sheriff's Department.

Switching career paths to Law enforcement, Hillary attended the Riverside County Sheriff's Department Sworn Academy. Initially assigned to the corrections division after graduating in 2008, she assisted in the development of the gang unit at that facility conducting interviews, investigating crimes inside and outside the facility, and assisting with sworn operations in the field. After that assignment, she was transferred to patrol in mid-Riverside County where she also assisted in the investigative bureau. In 2014, Hillary retired from the Sheriff's Department to stay home and raise the family she shares with her husband, Ken. She has since started her own independent business.


Nancyrose Hernandez,

Employment Law Attorney

Nancyrose Hernandez is an attorney, concentrating on employment law. What does this mean for a business owner? Nancyrose focuses on employment advocacy, advising employers on the compliance with the law. She understands common workplace issues and will guide employers through the process of avoiding liability. Sexual harassment, wage and hour, discrimination, retaliation, all seem like terrifying forbidden words to an employer; however, Nancyrose can ease that fear by providing employers with tools to thwart the employment pitfalls. Facilitating employers with understanding their duties and responsibilities under the law, and guiding employers through compliance is essential to operating a successful business. Best practices are key, and Nancyrose advises employers on best practices to build a solid foundation, benefiting both the employer while maintaining a healthy environment for the employees.

Nancyrose comes from a family of small business owners. Her parents and siblings operate small businesses; thus, she understands the necessity for an employer to have a reliable legal resource. Nancyrose owns her own business, but also has had the unfortunate, yet enlightening experience of working in a hostile work environment, subjected to serious wage and hour violations. Being in both positions provides Nancyrose with the experience and empathy necessary to advocate for both employees and employers when conflict arises. The goal is to unite both to create a peaceful and profitable workplace. Preventive measures and accountability are key to conflict resolution. Nancyrose can be the voice for employees who have been temporarily silenced and the advisor to employers in need of legal advice. Encouraging and advocating for business owners is a passion and priority for Nancyrose. Understanding the constantly changing laws in labor and employment can be overwhelming for business owners to navigate, let alone comply. Being a voice and compass for employers is important to Nancyrose, as she strives to help business owners succeed in a compliant, efficacious manner.


Cory Candelas,


In 2001, Cory obtained her bachelor's degree from the University of Southern California in Political Science with a pre-law emphasis and focus on international law and geopolitical conflict. In 2009, after staying home with her young son, she returned to school to complete her master's in science of psychology at California Baptist University (CBU) in 2012. Cory taught undergraduate courses at CBU, until joining the Riverside County Sheriff's department in March 2014 where she began her law enforcement career in the corrections division as a sworn deputy sheriff while completing her hours for licensure as a Marriage and Family Therapist during her off time.

Cory passed her licensing exam in 2018 before going out to patrol in mid- Riverside County. She worked patrol level functions through September 2021 when she resigned to pursue being a therapist full-time. Cory currently teaches courses to first responders that very from behavioral indicators of "suicide by cop", to Critical Incident Stress Management Debrief (CISM), and wellness. She works on-call CISM debriefs for multiple agencies when they experience critical incidents, line of duty deaths, and deaths of co-workers. Cory runs her private practice out of Riverside where she specializes in couple's work, first responder families, and trauma processing including Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR).

She has consulted as an expert in her field to review case files, clinical therapy notes, and evidence to assist in civil case preparation. Cory is an Adjunct Professor at CBU in Behavioral Science, and the Lead Clinical Supervisor at the CBU counseling center where she supervises trainees and interns working on their hours for licensure.


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