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Ten-codes, officially known as ten signals, are brevity codes used to represent common phrases in radio communications, utilized by many California Law Enforcement Agencies. The meaning of the code 10-19 is “Return to Station.” Before going home at the end of the watch, each officer radios in their 1019.

This code resonated with our president and CEO, Ken Hoon. As a young deputy sheriff and as a field supervisor, he always made sure his people were 1019 before the end of the watch. That way he knew they were safe and returning home.

Ten 19 Consulting was founded on the principle of returning home safe at the end of every day. Empowering citizens to help themselves and others, not only in times of emergency but in day-to-day operations, the mission of Ten 19 Consulting is to make you an advocate for yourself and your business. That way, you can not only protect yourself in times of need, but be able to save your own life or the life of your friends and family if the need arises.

Whether you are looking for a lecture or hands-on application, our training and lessons teach life-saving skills and common-sense strategies to help preserve our core focus. No matter the mission, no matter the goal - TEN-19, Always return home.

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